Marie-Nathalie Beaudoin, Ph.D.

Marie-Nathalie Beaudoin, Ph.D. directs a narrative therapy, neurobiology and mindfulness training program in California where she works with children, adults, families, and school communities. Over the last two decades, Marie-Nathalie has pioneered empowering and transformative clinical practices to address distressing emotions and traumatic experiences.She has written over 50 professional articles and many books such as the popular The SKiLL-ionaire in every child: Boosting children’s socio-emotional skills using the latest in brain research (2010), written for parents, teachers and counselors (French, English, Spanish).She has also co-authored Collaborative Therapies and neurobiology: Evolving practices in action (Beaudoin & Duvall, 2017), and Mindfulness in a busy world: Lowering barriers for youth & adults to cultivate focus, emotional peace & gratefulness (Beaudoin & Maki, 2021). With a background in improvisational theater, Marie-Nathalie is well-known for her thought provoking and engaging presentations. See for more information or check one of her videos such as

Vergangene Seminare von Marie-Nathalie Beaudoin, Ph.D.

  • ABGESAGT: Workshop: Transformative work after traumatic experiences (Juni, 2023)
  • Webinar: Workshop: Taming intense emotions (Juni, 2021)
  • SKILL-Training für Kids, Eltern und Schulen (Juni, 2018)