Memory and its impairments in clinical neuropsychology context

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Fr 24.03.2023, 09:00–16:15

Nr. S-01-20-0104-1

8 Einheiten
€ 160,- mit BÖP-Mitgliedschaft
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Gesellschaft für Neuropsychologie Österreich (GNPÖ)


Upon completion of the course, the student

  • is able to describe the various sub-domains and sub-processes of memory
  • masters the basic principles on how age affects memory performance
  • perceives the interconnectedness of memory function with other cognitive functions
  • recognises how different clinical conditions and brain dysfunctions affect the manifestation of memory impairment
  • knows the types of methods used in clinical neuropsychology to assess memory function
  • knows what interventions are available within clinical neuropsychology for memory disorders
  • recognises the principle of evidence-based practice in clinical neuropsychology


  • General overview: memory types and processes, their relationship to other cognitive domains, principles of neuropsychological assessment
  • Memory in the lifespan, effect of age
  • Prospective memory: theoretical concept, time-based and event-based prospective memory, evaluation
  • Material specific memory impairment: verbal and visual processing, lateral dominance, diagnoses such as stroke
  • Amnesia: classical typology, hippocampal involvement, frontal amnesias, diagnoses such as encephalitis
  • Progressive memory diseases: mild cognitive impairment (MCI), diagnoses such as Alzheimer's disease and other neurodegenerative diseases
  • Memory and psychological wellbeing: effect of mood, anxiety, sleep etc on memory in working age
  • Memory training: neuropsychological rehabilitation, rehabilitation process, evidence-based practice, intervention efficacy on memory impairment


  • PsychologInnen
  • Klinische PsychologInnen


  • Laura Hokkanen


Creditable to the curriculum
1.1 Neuropsychologische Syndrome (2 UE)
1.3 Funktionelle Neuroanatomie (2 UE)
1.4 Klinische Neurologie, Verfahren, Krankheitslehre (2 UE)
2.1 Neuropsychologische Testverfahren (2 UE)

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